Why Should the Copts Have a Successful Coptic Credit
Union (CCU)?

The Copts maintain Strong Purchase and Financial Power
(SPFP) that ranges from day to day expenses, credit cards,
student loans, car loans, and mortgages to small, mid, and
large businesses.

There are many Coptic Orthodox churches  and
Congregations in the United States. Estimated numbers of
adherents, based on church membership, is between
350,000 and 420,000. Based on the estimates of certain
Coptic organizations, the number is between 700,000 and
one million . There are over 200 parishes in the United
States that serve the Coptic Orthodox population.

By leveraging SPFP, potential members should be able to
save money, build wealth and support their charitable
causes, such as Coptic Churches, Coptic Orphans…etc.
The Coptic Credit Union Project
It Is the Time for a Credit Union
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