The Coptic Credit Union Project                     

We are Coptic Christian working on a Coptic Credit Union Project to
serve the
Coptic community in the USA.

We would be serving the entire USA through
3,458 locations near
you, and 800,000 ATMs worldwide.

Furthermore, we encourage the formation of similar Coptic Christian
Credit Unions in Canada and Australia.

Please note that the
Catholic, Islamic, and other Credit Union
already in place, while no Coptic Credit Union has been formed yet
until now. Please take an
action to form your Coptic Credit Union.

What is a Credit Union (CU)?

  • CU is a not-for-profit entity that delivers all the necessary
    products and services expected from traditional financial
    institutions (Banks), such as 24-hour conveniences like Online
    Banking and automated telephone service. Access to
    surcharge-free ATMs and Shared Service Centers throughout
    the country, Copts won't miss traditional institutions.

How I benefit from the Credit Union (CU)?

  • CU is a not-for-profit, Coptic member-owned cooperative, run
    by a Coptic member-elected volunteer board of directors who
    make sure the Copts' interests come first.

  • CU is federally-insured financial institution, and highly
    regulated to provide Banking services to the Copts.  

  • CU almost always provides better rates to its Coptic
    members. Unlike a bank, CU returns dividends directly to the
    Copts as members, not use them to generate profits for
    outside investors.
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this project a reality,
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project. You are
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to become a member.
The Coptic Credit Union would be formed as a non-profit legal entity that is not
associated with any other organizations. sole purpose is to
benefit the Coptic Community in the USA, which we are part of it. We do not ask
for donations or any sort of financial support from the Coptic community.
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collecting names to
support the Coptic
Credit Union Project
"...we His servants will arise and build" Nehemiah 2:20